Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Lost Treasure – Happiness

By C. R. Roshin, Grade 9, HRS, TTL.

During the Nazi regime, when Hitler ruled Germany, the Jews were considered unfit to live. They were sent to death camps where they were tortured to death. Here I have recorded the feelings of various stages of a human being of the Jewish Community from my imagination and what I learned form Grade 9 History.

A Lost Treasure – Happiness

A Child,
Where are those happy days?
When I and Gorbachev* used to play together,
Not until he laughed at me,
Pointing at my nose
Even my favourite teacher did so,
Is this because I am Jew?????

And then a Teenager,
Life was easy wasn’t it?
What made it harder?
The Nazis, men in uniforms to commit crimes,
They told they’d send me to camps,
Not an adventure camp,
But a concentration camp!!!!!

And then a mother,
Where should I search for him?
My son,
Is he alive or is he dead???
Didn’t they have any mercy to spare a baby child?
Its dark, it’s rusty here,
Here in the dungeon I’m hiding in!!!!!

And then an Old man,
When I went to the church,
God told me that he would take me soon with him,
But that death should be a peaceful one. Isn’t it??
Those happy days,
When I walked down the road
Waving at everyone I saw!!!
Not until I pushed into this place,
And they call it death camps!!!!

*Gorbachev – A German name used for a boy