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In the powerful empire of Germany
The people lived in harmony
Their life seemed to be peaceful
To help others they were always graceful.

Then came the First World War
Germany fought hoping to gain victory
But success seemed to be far
And this led to a chain of events in history.

Germany lost its oversea colonies
To the people was done lot of felonies
It lost many of its valuable minerals
And the Germans were considered criminals.

May youths lost their job
And some started to sob
The unemployed ran helter-skelter
Because they couldn’t find shelter.

Then came Hitler with a great passion
He promised relief for the people’s tension
He wanted to weed out the foreign conspiracies
And replace them with fresh new agencies.

His first target was the Jews
He valued them to as small as dew
He concentrated them in camps
Even though they were innocent like lamps.

Jews were subjected to the final solution
But there was no one to organize a revolution
Hitler was responsible to many people’s funeral
He was an unforgivable criminal.

A Lost Treasure – Happiness

By C. R. Roshin, Grade 9, HRS, TTL.

During the Nazi regime, when Hitler ruled Germany, the Jews were considered unfit to live. They were sent to death camps where they were tortured to death. Here I have recorded the feelings of various stages of a human being of the Jewish Community from my imagination and what I learned form Grade 9 History.

A Lost Treasure – Happiness

A Child,
Where are those happy days?
When I and Gorbachev* used to play together,
Not until he laughed at me,
Pointing at my nose
Even my favourite teacher did so,
Is this because I am Jew?????

And then a Teenager,
Life was easy wasn’t it?
What made it harder?
The Nazis, men in uniforms to commit crimes,
They told they’d send me to camps,
Not an adventure camp,
But a concentration camp!!!!!

And then a mother,
Where should I search for him?
My son,
Is he alive or is he dead???
Didn’t they have any mercy to spare a baby child?
Its dark, it’s rusty here,
Here in the dungeon I’m hiding in!!!!!

And then an Old man,
When I went to the church,
God told me that he would take me soon with him,
But that death should be a peaceful one. Isn’t it??
Those happy days,
When I walked down the road
Waving at everyone I saw!!!
Not until I pushed into this place,
And they call it death camps!!!!

*Gorbachev – A German name used for a boy

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Math Anxiety

Overcoming the Fear of Math
By Grace Fleming,
Do you feel a little flushed when you think about doing math homework? Do you think you're no good at math? If you find yourself putting off your math work or dreading math tests, you may suffer from math anxiety.
What is Math Anxiety?
Math Anxiety is a type of fear. Sometimes fear is merely the dread of some unknown that lurks out there. How do you conquer this type of fear? You isolate it, examine it closely, and understand what it's made of. When you do this, you'll soon find that the fear goes away.
There are five common factors and feelings that make us avoid math. When we avoid it, we lose confidence and then start building up dread and fear. Let's confront the things that cause us to avoid math!
"I'm Just Not Cut Out for Math"
Sound familiar? Actually, there is no such thing as a brain type that makes one person better than another at math. Yes, studies show that there are different brain types, but those types just concern your approach at problem solving. Your approach can be different from another students, but it can still be just as effective.
One factor that affects math performance more than any other is confidence. Sometimes a stereotype can make us believe that we are naturally less capable than others. Studies have shown that math stereotypes are not true!
Interestingly, studies do show that positive thinking can improve math performance. Basically, there are two things that you can do to really and truly improve your math performance:
• Don't accept stereotypes about math
• Think positive thoughts.
If you are smart at any skill at all, then you can be smart at math. If you are good at writing or foreign language, for instance, that proves you can be smart at math.
Building Blocks are Missing
This is a legitimate cause for anxiety. If you avoided math in lower grades or you just didn't pay enough attention in middle school, you may be feeling stressed out because you know your background is weak.
There is good news. You can overcome this problem easily by skimming through a textbook that was written for a level slightly lower than your current class. First, you'll be surprised at how much you do know. Secondly, you'll find there are only a few skills you need to practice before you're completely caught up. And those skills will come easily!
Want proof? Think about this: There are many, many adult students who start college after being out of class for ten and twenty years. They survive college algebra by brushing up quickly on forgotten (or never acquired) basic skills using old text books or a refresher course.
You're not as far behind as you think you are! It's never too late to catch up.
It's Just So Boring!
This is a false accusation. Many students who like the drama of literature or social studies may accuse math of being un-interesting.
There are many mysteries in math and science! Mathematicians enjoy debating approaches to long-unsolved problems. From time to time, somebody will discover the solution to a problem that others have sought for years. Math poses challenges that can be amazingly gratifying to conquer.
Additionally, there is a perfection to math that can't be found in many places on this earth. If you like mystery and drama, you can find it in the complexity of math. Think of math as a great mystery to solve.
It Takes Too Much Time
It is true that many people suffer real anxiety when it comes to setting aside a certain span of time and committing to it. This is one of the factors that often leads to procrastination, and it manifests in people of all ages.
For example, many adults put off tasks when they know they will have to devote themselves completely for an hour or two. Perhaps, deep down, we're afraid we'll miss out on something. There is just a certain amount of anxiety or fear that comes with "stepping out" of our life for an hour or two and focusing on one specific thing. This explains why some adults put off paying bills or doing odd jobs around the house.
This is one of those fears that we can overcome, just by acknowledging it.
Realize that it's normal to resist devoting an hour of your thoughts to your math homework. Then simply think your way through your fear. Think about the other things in your life that you'll need to set aside. You'll soon realize that can do without them all for an hour or two.
It's Too Complex to Understand
It is true that math involves some very complex formulas. Remember the process for overcoming any fear? Isolate it, examine it, and break it down into little parts. That's exactly what you have to do in math. Every formula is made of "little parts" or skills and steps that you've learned in the past. It's a matter of building blocks.
When you come across a formula or process that seems too complex, just break it down. If you find that you're a little weak on some of the concepts or steps that make up one element of the formula, then just go back and work on your building blocks.
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(Before the French Revolution)





Creativity: Are You Creating?

Yes, you are a creator.
I am a creator.
We are all creators
It's the law of life.

God is always creating
Three babies are born every minute
There are over 6 billion people on this earth

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”
-Albert Einstein

The richest people in the world are creators.
Entrepreneurs are creators.
You do not receive money from people until you create
something of value that they want and are willing to pay for.

The problem is 90% of humans consume, consume, consume.
But they NEVER cross that bridge to create and produce.
Yes, that’s what separates the “haves” and “have-nots”

Rem ember what John F. Kennedy once said:

‘Ask not what your country can do for you;
Ask what you can do for your country’

What STOPS many people from becoming a creator & producer
is FEAR of FAILING! They want to be PERFECT, to be right,
and don’t make any mistakes.

Business & life is not a connect-the-dots affair.
That’s not the real world we live in.

Real world is you make mistakes.
Real world is you are unsure.
Real world is 8 things don't work and 2 DO work.

Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration

Well, if you do not try, you will not succeed at anything.
If you can imagine it; you can create it!
If you can dream it; you can become it!

Take a look at these famous quotes:

*We get to make a living; we give to make a life. Winston Churchill

*The empires of the future are the empires of the mind. Winston Churchill

*If you can dream it, you can do it." Walt Disney

Today I encourage and empower YOU to become a creator.
Read everything on creativity and learn how to open your mind,
Expand your thoughts and start creating.

The possibilities are endless.

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Oh God, I have knowledge,
So I pray you'll show me now
How to use it wisely
and find a way somehow
To make the world I live in
a little better place,
And make life, with its problems,

a bit easier to face...

Grant me faith and courage
and put purpose in my days,
And show me how to serve Thee
in the most effective ways
So all my education,
my knowledge and my skill,
May find their true fulfillment
as I learn to do Thy will...
And may I ever be aware
in everything I do
That knowledge comes from learning -
And wisdom comes from You.

Stress Management

Stress Management covers various techniques that are intended to equip a person with different ways to cope with psychological stress. Stress Management can be successful when a person uses the knowledge and techniques they have to cope and deal with the stressful situations in their life. There are many ways to deal with stress and below is a list of 10 quick and easy methods that a person can do to reduce their stress levels.

10 Stress Relief Tips
Before mentioning some of the stress relieving tips its important to point of some of the things that can cause stress in peoples lives. Most people don't realize this but things such as watching TV, drinking, or smoking are things that can reduce mental sharpness and increase stress. So when you are having a stressful time in your life remember that the solution to watch TV, drink, or have a smoke are some of the activities you want to avoid when trying to reduce your stress levels.

1. Go for a jog or even a brisk walk around the block. It is always a good idea to exercise when you are stressed because it helps relieve the tension in your body and release endorphins that helps your body relax.

2. Take a hot shower or bath. Warm waters helps to relax your muscles.

3. Visit a local massage therapist. Similar to the first two points a massage can help relieve the tension in your muscles and help you relax.

4. Hatha Yoga. A very relaxing system of body movements that helps relieve tension and relaxes the body.

5. Acupuncture. Helps relieve the tension in your muscles especially if other methods such as massages and exercise don't work.

6. Acupressure. This is very similar to Acupuncture but without needles. So if you are scared of needles this maybe the way to go.

7. Reflexology. This is similar to having a massage but all the massages are focused on the hands and feet. Since there are nerve endings in your hands and feet this helps relieve stress by massaging those areas.

8. Breathing. The most easy method of Stress Management is to just breathe. Usually you would want to do slow deep and steady breathes to relieve stress.

9. A relaxation technique. This technique requires you to lie on the ground with your legs uncrossed and your arms at your side. Basically what you do is tense one muscle group at a time and then relax it and move from your feet to your scalp. Do this fot 15-20 minutes and you should feel less stress once your finished.

10. L-Glutamine. This is an amino acid that everyone has in their bodies. It is shown in studies to improve self-hydration, boosts your immune system, and incrases growth hormones by over 400% with just a 2g dose.
The list mentioned above is only a few of the techniques for stress management. There are many other ways to reduce stress. Some of the other techniques include: conflict resolution, meditation, stress balls, progressive relaxation, fractional relaxation, natural medicine, and time management.

Measuring Stress
There are ways to measure a persons stress level. One of the ways to measure a persons stress level is by using a Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale to rate stressful life events. Another way to measure someones stress level is by measuring changes in blood pressure and galvanic skin response. A digital thermometer can also be used to measure skin temperature which can determine stress levels.
Two models of stress management

Transactional model
This model was developed by Richard Lazarus and Susan Folkman in 1984. Basically what they though was that stress was caused by an imbalance between demands and resources. It was also thought that stress occurred when pressure exceeded one's perceived ability to cope. With this model it was believed that it wasn't the stressor causing the stress but rather one's resources and ability to cope with the stress or pressure. If one was not able to manage the stress then their stress levels would go up and they would be unable to cope.

Health realization/innate health model
This model is similar to the transactional model in that its believed that stress itself does not necessarily follow the presence of a potential stressor. The focus of this model is the same as the transactional model in that the focus is on his or her own coping skills. It also focuses on the nature of thought, stating that it is ultimately a person's thought processes that determines the response to potentially stressful external circumstances. By using this model one can realize when they are having stressful thoughts and disengage from them and therefore naturally relieving stress.

Benefits of Bachelor of Commerce Course

By C. Radhakrishnan

I, as a teacher very strongly believe that one should choose a course on the basis of pure interest rather than peer pressure, parental pressure or circumstantial pressure. The following facts very clearly illustrate the current relevance of this course.
In my analysis and discussions with known people about the scope and aim of this course, I found that the Bachelor of Commerce Degree Course aims to provide students with a good grounding in various fields of business and an opportunity to specialize in a selected area of business. The syllabus prescribed by the universities is designed for a rapidly changing world with innovation, market-relevance, flexibility and an international focus. This builds a bridge between the academic environment and the world outside.
The subject, Accounting will enable you to understand and critically analyze financial reporting issues and their impact within the framework of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. They will also develop an understanding of cost and management accounting techniques for planning, decision-making and performance evaluation. This will provide a foundation in the procedures of auditing and international taxation.
The subject, Finance will allow you to gain an in-depth understanding of the role of financial management in the business firm, including the calculation and use of financial ratios. This can also develop an understanding of how companies choose between possible investments and how they raise capital. Besides, you can acquire knowledge about the role of financial institutions particularly the operation of securities markets. The course will equip you with the ability to analyze the riskiness of investments and the use of hedging with options and futures to reduce the risk of an investment portfolio.
I understood that the Bachelor of Commerce is designed to prepare students with a good grounding in various fields of business studies while focusing on the Human Resource Management specialization. The program equips us with the ability to identify, analyze and solve complex business problems. From a human resource perspective, students can develop abilities to understand the environment and processes of recruitment and selection, apply concepts and techniques to promote change, manage and develop people and apply appropriate occupational health and safety practices in organizations. In brief this will provide critical perspectives on the role and functions of HR professionals.
Management is the art and science of planning, coordinating and leading group efforts. It is the mobilizing of human and material resources to achieve organizational goals. Managerial skills include the ability to make sound judgments on issues that arise at work and to achieve objectives through organizational skills. I know that this course aims to provide a basic understanding of how to apply key managerial concepts and theories in the contemporary work environment. I strongly assume that B. Com assists students in developing interpersonal skills and to understand how group dynamics affect individual and group behaviour. They develop an understanding of sources of change, barriers to change and effective ways of overcoming them.
It also provides the skills to generate products and services for which there is a defined customer need and to position the product or service in the market with effective promotion, pricing and distribution strategies. I hope it is geared towards problem-solving and management decision making and seeks to engage students in critical thinking processes, requiring in-depth analysis of qualitative and quantitative market data and development of subsequent marketing strategies.
The Bachelor of Commerce is designed to prepare students with a good grounding in various fields of business studies such as economics, accounting, management, and marketing. The course equips us with the ability, tools and multi-dimensional expertise required in the fields of commercial activities from a technical and financial perspective. The Bachelor of Commerce is structured so as to develop professionals to be career ready and able to effectively apply competence and implement strategies within the context of current fast growing globalised commercial world of business.
Finally the subjects available within the B.Com lead to careers in virtually every area of business and government in India and internationally. Possible career paths include money market operations, professional accounting, financial journalism, sport promotion, social and economic policy development, international trade, human resources and teaching and information systems. It is my firm conviction that this course will equip learners with all required talents to excel in today’s increasingly competitive and global environment.